Living in Mexico

The best Mexico has to offer: vibrancy, history, beauty and culture.

Mexico’s folklore, religion, mariachi, crafts and markets, and the national sport "charrería", represent the area’s traditions inside and outside of our country. We are known for the hospitality and kindness of our people, our wide variety of cultural attractions, food diversity, and love for life.

The three cities in which Perrigo Mexico is located: Guadalajara, Mexico City and Ramos Arizpe, are quite a distance from each other, but are all seated in rich culture with various amenities. Some of the highlights include:


With significant foreign investment and Mexico’s second most populated city with 1.5 million, this area is strategically located in Mexico’s western region as a key business center. Guadalajara offers a wide diversity of scenery, cultural centers, educational, commercial and gastronomical choices. Our architecture is unique and emblematic, seen in our buildings and monuments. The heart of our historical downtown has preserved the original structure from its foundation, and many cultural and political attractions, related to its history. The metropolitan area is an excellent place to live, consisting of six municipalities, all with their unique personalities and amenities: Guadalajara, Zapopan, Tlaquepaque, Tonala, Tlajomulco de Zúñiga and El Salto.

Mexico City

As Mexico’s capital city and with a population of nearly 9 million, Mexico City is an “alpha” global city and a political, financial, business, educational and cultural center, located in the Valley of Mexico and consisting of 16 boroughs. With deep cultural history, cathedrals, museums, archaeological sites, parks, entertainment, restaurants, shopping, night life, monuments, memorials and more, it offers basically everything anyone could hope for in an urban location.

The Polanco neighborhood, often called the Beverly Hills of Mexico, is home to many of the city's best upscale hotels, including the same international shopping luxury chains that you can find in New York, London, and Paris. Polanco is also home to chic restaurants and sweeping mansions alongside Chapultepec Park, one of the largest and most beautiful urban parks in the world.

New employees may want to consider living in Polanco, Colonia Cuauhtemoc, Colonia Condesa, or Colonia Roma—livable communities all within a 20 minute commute of the office.

Ramos Arizpe

Ramos Arizpe in the Saltillo Metropolitan area offers an outstanding international business environment, substantial access to global markets, a firm economy, superior quality of life and world-class infrastructure. The area is very Americanized due to its proximity (3 hours away) from the U.S. though we maintain our deep-rooted traditions.

Our museums, restaurants, historical sites, monuments, colonial buildings, excavations, lakes, natural resorts, mountains, parks, hiking, shopping malls and amusement centers offer many opportunities to explore and learn about our culture. We also have a host of retail and restaurant chains to make visitors feel more at home. Our climate is mild and pleasant; excellent for any activity and to adjust to the life in a city of about 50,000.

Saltillo is a very developed and clean city, with both colonial and modern structures and large industrial and commercial development. Saltillo is often the first choice for housing. The area’s comfortable residential neighborhoods and gated communities accommodate every lifestyle and luxury, and are located north of the city making malls, restaurants, colleges, hospitals, markets, museums, downtown and everywhere else easily accessible.

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