Our Mexico Site

Perrigo Company is committed to making quality, affordable healthcare products available around the world.

Perrigo Mexico is the leading pharmaceutical company in manufacturing and commercialization of generic store brand products, interchangeable generic medicines and nutritional products, as well as contract manufacturing and secondary packaging services.

Perrigo Mexico has five locations in three cities, and has been part of the Perrigo Company since 1997. Our commercial office is in Mexico City. We have two manufacturing facilities in Ramos Arizpe, Coahuila and one in Guadalajara, Jalisco, and our Mexico packaging facility is in Ramos Arizpe.

Mexico City (commercial offices)

Our facility is located in a beautiful neighborhood; a renowned business center in Mexico City. We have 683 square meters at the 14th floor of the Torre Polanco’s building and enjoy magnificent views all day.

Our commercial offices coordinate product marketing and sales in most of Mexico through store brands, impulse and wholesales channels. Our team consists of 37 people in marketing, sales, general direction and VP roles along with supporting staff in accounting, human resources, regulatory affairs, IT, and legal.

Ramos Arizpe (packaging)

Our integrated team of about 350 engineers and operates first-class equipment to package more than 130,000 pieces a year, with six flexible production lines each shift. We work with different secondary packaging forms, including individual and collective cartons, trays, plastic and thermo film wrapping, grouped packages, labeling, coding and BOPP wrapping, among others.

Ramos Arizpe (manufacturing)

We have 460 employees at our distribution center and two manufacturing facilities. We make a wide range of OTC (over-the-counter), Rx (prescription), nutritional and vitamin products, in diverse pharmaceutical forms including tablets, capsules, suspensions, solutions, creams, syrups, powders and patches.

Guadalajara (manufacturing)

Our 200 employees at this location manufacture OTC, Rx, nutritional and vitamin products in diverse pharmaceutical forms as tablets, capsules, suspensions, solutions, creams, syrups, powders.

Our manufacturing facilities and procedures comply with NOM-059 SSA, guaranteeing the greatest quality for our customers. We constantly updating to achieve better products and increase its profitability, sharing those benefits with our customers.

The three manufacturing plants together have an installed capacity of over 180 million pieces a year, to attend to the needs of store brand market, government and contract manufacturing that make quality healthcare affordable around the world. With over 1,000 employees in three cities, there are many opportunities to make a difference at a world-class company with Perrigo Mexico.