Jobs at Perrigo Israel

You are invited to submit your candidacy for the following job vacancies at the company, please send your resume together with the job # to

Neot Hovav and Yeruham: Shlomit Avital-Cohen  +972-52-3667886

Bnei Barak: Yifat Fried-Katz +972-52-3667699


Yeruham - PIP

Student for Quality Assurance  Job 1065

3rd-year Chemical Engineering / Biotechnology student

  • Full mastery of Office programs
  • Available to work at least 3 days a week

Microbiology Lab Worker Job 1075

Testing various substances and taking samples

  • Undergraduate degree in Life Sciences / Biotechnology Engineering
  • Background in genetic methods: PCR, BLAST, SEQUENCER
  • High level of English

Process Engineer for OTS Department Job 1077

Responsible for production and packaging technologies; validation of new processes and improving existing ones

  • Chemical / Biotechnological / Mechanical Engineer
  • Experience in the pharmaceutical industry is an advantage
  • Mastery of Office programs
  • High level of English

Quality Control worker   Job 1081

Lab worker working with advanced analysis instrumentation in a wet chemistry lab, to check raw materials and end products

  • Chemist or Chemical Engineer with B.Sc.
  • Knowledge in operating HPLC, GC, FTIR, UV SPECTROPHOTOMETER
  • Experience in the chemical / pharmaceutical industry is an advantage

Mechanic for Maintenance Department Job 1090

Maintenance of equipment, performing maintenance jobs, responsibility for repair and preventative upkeep of factory systems

  • Mechanical Engineer / Mechanic
  • Experience as an industrial maintenance mechanic
  • High technical ability
  • High level of English

Weights Worker Job 1091

Weighing production lots and returning materials to the warehouse

  • Chemical Technician / Practical Engineer – advantage
  • Experience in a pharmaceutical plant – advantage
  • Mandatory knowledge of SAP and Office

Packaging Dept. Engineer and Acting Packing Dept. Manager  Job 1099

  • B.Sc. in Industrial Management / Chemistry / Biotechnology / Other 
  • Proven experience in production floor work management and operations
  • Monitoring line performance – problem-solving, faults, irregularities
  • Familiarity and experience with GMP environment
  • Improving methods on the production floor – characterizing, initiating and implementing projects

Pharmacist Job 1098

Certified pharmacist for the Quality Assurance Department

  • B.Sc. in Pharmacology and valid pharmacist’s license
  • High level of English

Sanitation Worker for Production Department Job 1103

Cleaning production and packaging tools according to factory procedures

  • Experience as production worker / production sanitation worker
  • Mechanic for Maintenance Department

Analytical R&D Researcher Job 1107

(Temp position during employee’s maternity leave)
Developing analytic methods and performing analytic tests on instruments and raw materials

  • B.Sc. in Chemistry; M.Sc. is an advantage
  • Experience in an analysis lab with analytical equipment and instrumentation, preferably in development
  • High level of English

Employee Responsible for Locating Raw Packaging Materials Job 1108

(Temp position during employee’s maternity leave)

  • Finding raw materials and packaging materials for a development project; responsible for receipt of samples, technical information and orders as part of the product development process
  • Chemistry background is an advantage
  • High level of English

Neot Hovav - Indirect Purchasing

Employee Responsible for Building a Database in SAP Job 1104

(Limited-period position for approx. 12 months)
Creating a database (pricelists) for an SAP companion module and support in generating work procedures/processes for the SAP system

  • Undergraduate degree in Industrial Engineering and Management / Information Systems / Economics
  • Ability to work with multiple data
  • Full mastery of Excel
  • Very high level of English

Neot Hovav - Perrigo API

Organic/Physical Chemist for Solid State R&D Lab Job 1031

Developing and characterizing physical properties of powders in the pharmaceutical industry

  • B.Sc. in Chemistry; M.Sc. is an advantage
  • Preferably with experience in developing and characterizing physical properties of organic materials
  • Experience in a chemical lab
  • High level of English

Safety Engineer Job 1067

Running the site’s safety system

  • Chemical / Materials / Mechanical Engineer
  • M.Sc. in Safety Engineering / Certified Safety Supervisor is an advantage
  • Experience in the chemical-pharmaceutical industry is an advantage

Student for the Organization and Systems Department  Job 1095

(Limited-period position)
Support in implementing SAP project

  • 4th-year student in Industrial Engineering and Management – specializing in Information Systems
  • High mastery of Excel and VBA
  • High level of English
  • Available to work at least 3 days a week

Development Engineer for R&D Pilot Job 1096

Improving and developing processes, managing scale-up processes, supervising and transferring processes from pilot to production

  • B.Sc. in Chemical Engineering
  • At least 5 years’ experience in operations, scale-up processes
  • Experience in operating engineering equipment in production facilities in the chemical/pharmaceutical industry
  • Familiarity with GMP environment
  • High level of English

Quality Control worker Job 1102

Performing analyses on raw materials, process materials and end materials, according to the company’s standard specifications and procedures

  • Practical Engineer
  • Preference to those with experience as a lab worker in analysis labs
  • Knowledge in operating SPECTROPHTOMETER-UV, GC, HPLC

Production Planning and Inspection Worker Job 1105

(Temp position during employee’s maternity leave)
Support in production activity and purchasing based on sales forecasts and inventory policy

  • Practical Industrial Management Engineer
  • Experience in production planning and inspection in process industries is an advantage

Shift Supervisor in Plant 41/75 Job 1106

Responsible for operations in production facility during shift, according to production plan, procedures and plant manager’s instructions

  • 12 years of schooling is mandatory; Practical Chemical Engineer is an advantage
  • Experience in an operative position in a chemical plant for at least 3 years; experience as a shift supervisor for at least 1 year
  • Experience in managing a work team is an advantage
  • Shift work