Working at Perrigo Israel

Enjoy working together to make a better world. 

This best describes the experience of working at Perrigo Israel, where we believe our 1,200 employees are one of the company’s most important assets. We offer the opportunity to excel and succeed, and we believe excellence is a key component of success. This is why we recognize our outstanding employees in six chief strategic areas: innovation, quality, client focus, cost reduction, people and teamwork. The quality of our employees makes Perrigo Israel an increasingly strong leader in its field. 

Perrigo Israel is an employer of opportunities. We encourage employees to ask, learn, suggest improvements, impact and strive to do things better, using Six Sigma, position surveys, round tables, and other methods that lead to continuous improvement, excellence and a sense of fulfillment of individuals and teams working together. Our comprehensive training programs are designed to meet regulatory requirements and to help employees develop in their different areas of expertise, according to changing demands for different skills.   

Ethical conduct is a cornerstone of Perrigo Israel’s management, with clients, suppliers, investors and between employees. This culture produces an environment based on integrity, fairness, safety and mutual respect for all. Perrigo Israel has programs in place to strengthen the workers’ and families’ feeling of connection and belonging to the organization, to improve their well-being and create a positive work environment. We sponsor activities, events and programs for employees and families that support these ideals. As a company that focuses on health, we run a program titled “Because Health Is Important” to promote healthy living for employees and families.  

Be a part of this team at Perrigo Israel, where we cultivate good people and a work environment where people want to come and make a difference with what they do every day.