Living in India

Cosmopolitan meets metropolitan.

With a history of more than 100 years of good cosmopolitan community and a mixed-cultured society, Ambernath has experienced various cycles of industrialization. Ambernath is surrounded by Mumbai, Thane and Navi Mumbai. Employees prefer to live in these cities, which are predominantly residential with commercial areas, and which offer amenities such as hospitals, schools, colleges, markets, banks, restaurants and parks.

Mumbai, previously known as Bombay and a capital city of the Indian state of Maharashtra, is the fourth most populous city in the world with a total metro area population of around 20.5 million. Mumbai lies on India’s west coast and has a deep natural harbor. In 2009, it was named an Alpha world city. Mumbai is a financial and entertainment center, known for Bollywood, and offers all the amenities of a big city. It is the richest city in India, with the highest GDP of any city in south, west or central Asia.

Thane is partly located on Salsette Island to the northeast of Mumbai, is surrounded by majestic hills and water, and is one of the oldest cities in India, with its history dating back about 2,000 years.  Thane’s suburbs offer a close commute and high quality of life.

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