Training Workers and Soldiers to be Safer

Training Workers and Soldiers to be Safer

The Negev region (southern Israel) is home to many heavy chemical industries. Perrigo is the only pharmaceutical company in this area, and is known for being innovative. But that’s not all that makes us different.

Here, we are like a family, created by people working hard together to provide high quality products that contribute to our customers’ improved health. The result is the sense of pride you feel being part of this success. 

I'm the main production department training instructor at Perrigo. I use my training skills as a member of “Green Light”, an organization that educates people on proper road behavior to reduce traffic accident injuries. With Green Light, I present safer driving tactics to Israeli army soldiers, and many commit to changing their behaviors to be safer on the road. Perrigo supports my involvement with Green Light, and gives Green Light equipment as we need it.

Perrigo is not all work and no play. We have several sport teams in the national sport league for work places. I help the teams with administration and go to every game to support them.

I started with the company in 1992. Every day, I see workers arrive and go home with smiling faces. At Perrigo we do satisfying work, have opportunities to give back to the community and enjoy life outside of work. That means a lot.