People You Can Count On

People You Can Count On

One important measure of the quality of a company is how the organization behaves under stress, when things aren’t going well. It happens to every organization at some point, and a company’s response can shape the opinions of employees, customers and the community for years to come.

A couple of years back, when a significant problem was detected with one of our products, three very important things stood out to me about Perrigo as a company. First, Perrigo is a very ethical company and our management voluntarily contacted the FDA to let them know of the issues. The fact that this was done so promptly showed the company puts consumer safety and quality above all else. Perrigo demonstrated a strong commitment to “doing the right thing.”

The second thing that stood out for me was the dedication of our employees. Due to the nature of the issue we recognized that there would be an unusually high number of calls from consumers with questions. We quickly put out a request to our staff members in the Customer Service and Human Resources departments to help answer these calls. Nearly everyone in these areas volunteered to help with the effort. People stayed late into the night to take these calls, and volunteered to be available the following weekend as needed. There was no arm-twisting or pleading needed to get them to step up—they simply understood the unusual impact and wanted to help our company and its customers out.

Finally, this experience served as a reminder of the value our products represent to the ultimate customer, the consumers who choose to buy the store-brand products we make. Those of us who participated in answering the calls were pleasantly surprised by the number of people who commented on how they rely on these products because of the quality and value that they represent. Many of us don’t often have an opportunity to get feedback directly from the people around the country who actually use our product. It was rewarding to hear how much they appreciate and count on what we do.

A lot of us here at Perrigo were able draw some very positive reminders that we are part of a great company and why we can be proud of what we do.