Making Every Minute Count

Making Every Minute Count

I like to be efficient at work each and every minute, so I can go home, live my private life, and be fresh for tomorrow. Because work is a big portion of the day, what I do from 8 to 5 matters.

I started with Perrigo as a scientist and am now a nutrition project manager for toddler foods and electrolyte solutions at Perrigo Virginia. I travel domestically to sites where we make toddler food products, assisting with line improvements and product commercialization. My input is well-received, and the positivity from people I don’t necessarily work with on a regular basis is welcoming.

Perrigo also supports my professional development. I enjoy attending annual conferences, including the Institute of Food Technologists’ “meeting of the minds.”   I receive Project Management training through Perrigo’s support that helps me with managing people, jobs, timelines, vendors, and being more efficient with each minute of the day, both at work and after.

There is positivity and a mutual respect with colleagues at Perrigo that makes working here more pleasant, easier, comfortable. I can talk to anybody here, where I’m not a number or a title, but I’m David.

This is not a job, but a career, and because every minute counts, being comfortable and supported at work is the biggest thing for me.