LinkedIn to a Career Designed for Me

LinkedIn to a Career Designed for Me

I was approached by Perrigo via social media channels, and the hiring process was very smooth and quick, as if the position was meant just for me. I was attracted to Perrigo by the potential to make a difference in a growing company with freedom and input as an in-house graphic designer. I never imagined that my designs would be seen on the shelves of major supermarkets.

Perrigo overall has exceeded my expectations and offers design opportunities I did not expect. The company has dramatically grown, expanding its areas of business and budgets. We have acquired an iconic Australian brand and are in the process of rebranding many healthcare products under that brand, as well as original Orion/Perrigo manufactured products.

People here are fantastic, highly professional and friendly, and we feel the trust of our managers. We have flexible working hours, with a majority of the staff located in Perth, and offices in Sydney and Brisbane. We consult and help each other and people are generous with praise, which is very rewarding and motivating in this fast-paced environment.

You are able to take part in the product development from the beginning of the process at Perrigo. We even create product names ourselves, which can be a lot of fun. Perrigo Australia is the perfect place to work for someone who likes to contribute to shaping a growing organization.