Gaining Skills & Confidence

Gaining Skills & Confidence

I have personal experience with someone who can’t swallow a tablet, so I felt I was making a difference working at a healthcare company that makes medicine in liquid form.

I started with Rosemont, later acquired by Perrigo, as an HR administrator. I covered a colleague’s maternity leave, and when she came back, I stayed on.  I’ve advanced from admin tasks to my current role of HR assistant in Leeds.

Through training, support of my colleagues and mentoring and coaching of my manager, I have grown in my career, my self-confidence and my capabilities. I know my skills are valuable to my team and to Perrigo as a company.

Perrigo encourages well-being not only with its products, but also for its employees, through the Employee Assistance Program and weekly onsite exercise classes.  The flexible working arrangement here allows me to leave early if I need to and make time up later.

We are a team at Perrigo. We celebrate milestones together and enjoy each other socially. We are invested in what we do and the products we make. Though in HR we don’t directly make the products, we are still passionate about them and their quality. People like coming to work here, and it shows.