From Intern to Engineer to Marketing Manager

From Intern to Engineer to Marketing Manager

While earning my bachelor’s in industrial operations engineering at the University of Michigan, I spent the summer of 2010 as a Perrigo production engineering intern. This facilitated my transition into full time employment as a production engineer in the Liquid Value Stream.

In this role, I oversaw the quality and efficiency of production lines, took on additional safety coordinator responsibilities, and managed two capital engineering projects. I had asked to lead the equipment projects as they suited my interest and would allow me to learn more about our global engineering processes. As I progressed into the next level of my engineering role, I became a certified Six Sigma Master Black Belt and was provided an opportunity to supervise several different technical support groups – the latest group was a team of 25 setup technicians.

I realized my interest in learning the commercial side of Perrigo’s business and interviewed for an open sales position, even though I did not have a background in sales. Perrigo provided me the opportunity to try something new. I found the perfect fit for me as a trade marketing manager, working with customers to plan and execute promotional display programs.

I am thankful for the different opportunities and the company’s investment in me as a valued employee. Perrigo focuses on developing their people with training and support, and team members here care about your success. This is important to my development and motivates me to perform well.

My education and experience in engineering did not limit me to engineering roles, but rather gave me a deeper understanding of the company that could be leveraged in different career paths. The flexibility at Perrigo is a benefit to those who crave continuous learning and new opportunities.