Authenticity Rooted in Core Values

Authenticity Rooted in Core Values

I am part of the leadership team in R&D and the Perrigo API India site head. Perrigo India is known as a top quality Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients ( APIs) manufacturer and as a progressive R&D organization with a strong people-centric approach.

The authenticity across Perrigo in everything that the company does is striking. Commitment to our Core Values and the Code of Conduct is visible in spirit as employees live the values and mission of Quality Affordable Healthcare Products ®each day. Top management is clear and consistent and comes across as remarkably grounded and authentic.

The Perrigo mission and core values bring out the best in me to contribute to the growth of the company. For me, the most important Perrigo Core Value is integrity. A person of integrity practices respect and takes responsibility of what he or she can do for the organization. Integrity, respect and responsibility are consistently demonstrated when we work together to convert challenges into successes and long-term advantages. I have experienced this on several occasions and have seen it strengthen the emotional connection to Perrigo’s mission and to each member of our team.

Perrigo is the right place for someone seeking a people-centric professional environment guided by values, with ample opportunities to develop oneself, global exposure and strong systems and processes.

Employees are proud members of the work environment here, emotionally connected to their team and the company’s mission to make a positive difference providing Quality Affordable Healthcare Products® around the world.