100 Great Reasons to Work at Perrigo Company

Perrigo is one of the fastest-growing companies in the healthcare industry. Our success has accelerated our need for qualified people who can help us set the benchmarks for pharmaceutical operations, quality, packaging and other areas. We need the best to be the best.

  1. Make a Difference

    Make more than a paycheck; make a difference. Our employees say time and time again that they value their ability to make a difference and have impact at Perrigo.

  2. Great Culture

    Perrigo products can be found in millions of homes around the globe, and you can find your home here.

  3. Room to Grow

    As consumers continue to embrace store-brand alternatives, Perrigo is well positioned to grow, offering our employees opportunities to grow as well.

  4. Quality of Life. Quality of Work.

    There are nearly seven billion people in the world, and Perrigo is dedicated to making healthcare affordable for each one. Watch this video to see how our employees feel about working here.

  5. 125 Years

    In 1887, Luther Perrigo began packaging and distributing patented medicines and household items for country stores. Today, those small country stores have been replaced by leading regional and national supermarkets, drug store, and mass merchandize retail chains

  6. Strategic Pillars

    Perrigo focuses on five key pillars that are the foundation of our strategic plan: ensuring sustainable high quality, delivering superior customer service, pursuing industry leading innovation, executing effective cost management, unleashing the power of people.

  7. Dancing Scientists

  8. ORx

    Perrigo is uniquely positioned to supply ORx products—OTC products dispensed by pharmacists and sold under the Perrigo generic label—to pharmacies and mail-order companies. 

  9. Challenging Work

    We challenge ourselves everyday to provide high quality, affordable products that improve the lives of people worldwide.

  10. Big and Small

    Even though Perrigo has become a global company, our humble beginnings still guide our efforts to provide quality, affordable healthcare products™ and influence our corporate culture.

  11. Training and Development

    Perrigo’s employees are among the best in the world because of our commitment to training and career development.

  12. Core Values

    Integrity: "We do what is right," Respect: "We demonstrate the value we hold for one another" and Responsibility: "We hold ourselves accountable for our actions."

  13. Healthcare Benefits

    Perrigo’s healthcare benefits are among the best in the industry (and even outside it).

  14. Financial Strength

    Perrigo Reports Second Quarter 2016 Financial Results. // Read More

  15. Quality Benchmarks

    Perrigo’s quality standards are among the highest in the industry.

  16. Health Management

    From our Fit For Life wellness program to flex benefits, we work hard to help people feel better and live better.

  17. Innovation

    As of 2015, Perrigo is listed as #40 on Forbe's list of top most innovative companies, ahead of Starbucks and Whole Foods Market, even Coca-Cola. // See the list

  18. “Careers” in Acting

    Actual Perrigo Employees readily volunteered to be in the talent show video. http://bit.ly/qNcKo

  19. Talent Show

  20. Global Presence

    Perrigo is the world’s largest OTC pharmaceutical manufacturer for the store-brand market with over 30 operating locations across the globe.

  21. Continuous Improvement

    We’re as strong as we’ve ever been, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be stronger. Perrigo is constantly striving to improve our company and the products that our customers rely on.

  22. Mergers & Acquisitions

    Over the years, Perrigo has acquired several companies that have helped us expand our capabilities and offer a wider range of quality, affordable healthcare products™.

  23. Talented Coworkers

    At Perrigo, you’ll work alongside some of the most passionate and talented people the healthcare industry has to offer.

  24. Wellness Center

    Many of our Perrigo Michigan US employees benefit from our comprehensive wellness program, with reimbursement in fitness club memberships, fitness classes and at Perrigo Allegan, an on-site medical center for physicals, allergy injections, blood work, immunizations, etc.

    Wellness Center
  25. Tuition Reimbursement

    Perrigo is committed to helping our employees grow, which is why we offer tuition reimbursement to employees pursuing a degreed course of study.

  26. Affordable Healthcare

    We’re committed to making healthcare affordable around the world by making available high quality low-cost pharmaceutical products.

  27. Corporate Social Responsibility

    Perrigo’s mission is to provide the world with quality, affordable healthcare products™, and we are committed to sustaining this mission in a socially responsible manner on a global basis. //Read More

  28. Stability

    In the face of one of the toughest economies the United States has ever seen, Perrigo has thrived, and today we’re in as strong a position as ever.

  29. Jim Cramer

    We’re turning heads. Perrigo was recently featured on Jim Cramer’s Mad Money. See what he had to say here: http://bit.ly/brM7Bk

  30. Tulips

    Perrigo has a campus in Holland, MI, the second happiest city in the country.

  31. Now Hiring

    Perrigo has dozens of opportunities available all over the world.

  32. Antacid

    Perrigo is the largest producer of liquid antacid in the United States.

  33. For Your Pets

    Perrigo sells healthcare products for cats, dogs and other pets under the Atlantis, Fur-So-Fresh and Geisler Gourmet brands. And, in Omaha, our employees bring their pets to work with them on Fridays.

    Perrigo Pets
  34. Savings

    Annually Perrigo saves consumers approximately $7.5 billion worldwide.

  35. Painless

    Perrigo Company is the second-largest producer of acetaminophen and ibuprofen in the United States.

  36. Force of Ideas

    Perrigo received the Corporate Executive Board’s “Force of Ideas” award for our innovative strategic capital planning program.

  37. Mass Customization

    Perrigo sells its products under thousands of names worldwide, requiring thousands of permutations of each individual product.

  38. Company Picnics and Holiday Celebrations

    A lot of companies say they’re like families. Join us around the table, and you’ll see that we mean it.

  39. Best & Brightest

    Perrigo is a preferred employer in West Michigan. For years, we’ve been named to West Michigan’s 101 Best & Brightest Companies to Work For. http://bit.ly/dxyTcv

  40. Company Store

    Perrigo has always been committed to making high-quality healthcare affordable. Perrigo’s Company Store serves as an outlet for our employees and the community to stock up on high quality OTC pharmaceutical products at a fraction of their cost elsewhere.

    Perrigo Company Store
  41. Technology

    Perrigo employs the most advanced state-of-the-art technology in order to manufacture the highest possible quality products for our customers.

  42. Walk the Talk

    Lots of companies talk about making the world a better place, but at Perrigo, we’re actually doing it by making quality healthcare affordable.

  43. Town Hall Meetings

    Perrigo provides many chances for employees to hear about company news and tell us what’s on their minds.

  44. Work/Life Balance

    Our work is important to us, but so are our employees, which is why Perrigo promotes a healthy balance between work and life. After all, happy employees are great co-workers.

  45. Adoption Benefits

    Families are important. If you want to start or add to your family through adoption, Perrigo can lend a helping hand.

  46. Safety

    We have earned an outstanding safety record. We’re proud of our efforts to ensure our employees work safely.

  47. Clean Operation

    Pharmaceutical manufacturing offers a pleasant work environment that adheres to current good manufacturing practices.

  48. Hairnets

    Perrigo adheres to current good manufacturing practices. So, not only do you get to wear cool lab coats, but you also get to wear some of the most stylish hairnets.

  49. High Morale

    People are excited to be here. You can feel it in the enthusiasm with which our employees approach their work.

  50. Positive Environment

    It’s refreshing to work in a place where quality work and personal enthusiasm are all around you.

  51. Increasing Demand

    As consumers look for new ways of saving money, demand for quality, affordable healthcare products™ will continue to rise.

  52. Open Door Policy

    Perrigo promotes a culture that encourages employees to provide feedback, share ideas and voice concerns with their managers..

  53. Rich History

    Luther Perrigo began packaging and distributing patented medicines in 1887, giving Perrigo Company a more than 100-year history of helping keep Americans healthy.

  54. Fair Policies

    Treating people fairly is a fundamental at great companies. We’re a great company.

  55. Referral Program

    Perrigo offers a referral bonus for employees who encourage qualified friends to join our team.

  56. Paid Time Off

    Perrigo offers vacation and holiday pay to encourage you to spend some time away from work.

  57. Reputation

    For more than 120 years, Perrigo has built a reputation as a leader in the healthcare industry.

  58. High Visibility

    Many companies’ senior leadership operate behind closed doors. At Perrigo, our senior leadership operates in full view of the company.

  59. Life Insurance

    Perrigo offers co-paid life insurance benefits for our employees.

  60. Jobs That Matter

    There are lots of places you can make a living. Perrigo is one of the few places where you can make a difference in the lives of millions of people around the world.

  61. Global Orientation

    We are serious about fulfilling our mission worldwide.

  62. Automatic Guided Vehicles

    Okay, think about an airplane flying on autopilot. Now imagine it inside our facilities.

  63. Robotic Packaging Lines

    We use some of the latest high-tech packaging technology.

  64. Easy Commute

    Our main campus in Allegan is less than an hour from Holland, Kalamazoo, and Grand Rapids. http://bit.ly/9pomqM

  65. Nearby Universities

    Perrigo is surrounded by dozens of colleges and universities, making it easy to pursue your bachelors, masters or doctorate degree while employed.

  66. High Energy

    Our employees are passionate about making the world a better place, and where there’s passion, there’s energy and enthusiasm.

  67. Store-Brand Acceptance

    As acceptance of store-brands as a practical alternative to name brand products continues to grow, Perrigo’s market share is well positioned to grow.

  68. 26,000

    Perrigo maintains more than 26,000 unique Stock-Keeping Units (SKUs).

  69. Rx to OTC

    Perrigo leads the market in conversions of prescription to over-the-counter (OTC), making quality healthcare widely available and affordable.

  70. Annual ANDAs

    Perrigo is continually working to provide low-cost alternatives to expensive medication, averaging 15 ANDAs each year.

  71. Quality Commitment

    Perrigo maintains an unwavering commitment to quality.

  72. Your Medicine Cabinet

    Because the vast majority of our products are sold under our customers’ names, Perrigo products are already in the majority of households in America.

  73. 11K

    That’s the approximate number of unique formulations across entire potfolio.

  74. 450

    It’s a relatively small number until you consider that Perrigo offers more than 450 variations on a single product.

  75. Low Turnover

    Perrigo boasts low turnover rates. People like working here and so would you.

  76. Varying Schedules

    In many of our locations, Perrigo offers multiple work schedules to fit your lifestyle.

  77. 401K

    From the day you start working, we’ll start putting money away for you to help you prepare for when you stop working.

  78. 800

    That’s the number of corporate customers Perrigo serves worldwide, and each of our customers distributes Perrigo products under a variety of labels.

  79. 2,400

    Perrigo markets to more than 2,400 store-brands around the world, making us the world’s largest provider of OTC pharmaceutical products for the store-brand market.

  80. Aspirin to Zinc

    With so many products offerings, Perrigo’s range of products is literally A to Z.

  81. Internship Program

    Perrigo offers many internship opportunities.

  82. Carpooling Program

    Our commitment to making the world a better place doesn’t end at healthcare. We encourage employees to utilize our carpooling program, helping to reduce our impact on the environment.

  83. R&D Commitment

    At Perrigo, we’re constantly looking for ways to serve our customers better through product research and development.

  84. Infant Formula

    In 2010, we acquired PBM Holdings, Inc., making Perrigo the world’s largest manufacturer of store-brand infant formula.

  85. Consumers First

    Above all, we hold ourselves accountable to those who trust Perrigo’s pharmaceutical products to keep themselves and their families healthy.

  86. Employee Scholarships

    Perrigo offers hundreds of thousands of dollars in scholarships to employees’ children to help cover the cost of higher education.

  87. Diverse Workforce

    A diverse workforce means diversity of ideas, and it’s that diversity in thought that’s helped to make Perrigo successful.

  88. Corporate Giving

    Since 2010, the Foundation has distributed over $36M globally in both cash and product.

  89. Career Development

    Perrigo routinely offers development opportunities and strives to offer promotional opportunities from within where possible.

  90. Casual Environment

    How often does this happen at your current workplace? http://bit.ly/diTKuj

  91. 7 Billion

    7 Billion: That’s how many ounces of liquid/cream doses per year.

  92. 50 Billion

    That’s the number of tablets Perrigo manufactures each year (well more than any other generic manufacturer).

  93. World Leader

    Perrigo is the world’s largest manufacturer of OTC pharmaceutical products for the store-brand market.

  94. Flexible Work

    Work is important, but it shouldn’t always dominate your life. In many of our locations, Perrigo offers flexible work schedules that work around you.

  95. New Products

    We’re constantly working to develop new affordable alternatives to costly name brand pharmaceuticals. 

  96. Lab Coats

    Yeah. That’s right. We get to wear stylish lab coats. Jealous? We thought you might be.

  97. Widespread Use

    Every second of every day, somewhere in the world, nearly 1,750 people use a Perrigo product.

  98. Competitive Wages

    Our employees are important to us, and we’ll pay you that way. We offer compensation and benefit packages that are competitive.

  99. West Michigan

    The lifestyle West Michigan offers is like none other we’ve ever experienced. Allegan is less than an hour from Holland, Grand Haven, and Grand Rapids—all of which have been recognized time and again for their unique atmospheres and incredible quality of life. http://bit.ly/aqGXQZ

  100. Upward Mobility

    We invest a lot in our employees, and we recognize the investment you make in us when you choose to come to work for us. Perrigo has a long history of offering promotions and new opportunities to its employees.